Colossus Woodbridge Theatre

Completion: March 01, 1999

Location: Woodbridge

Total Construction Value: $30,000,000

Beginning in the spring of 1998, the drive-in theatre at the intersection of highways 7 and 400 was transformed into the Colossus Woodbrige, a futuristic theatre complex built in the shape of a giant spacecraft. On completion it contained a state-of-the-art IMAX theatre and additional theatres of varying sizes. The central pod serves as the entrance, and gives access to the theatres, concessions, and a second-floor bar area.

Mechanical Systems

Kelson's mechanical scope included the following equipment and services:

  • Provide underground drains, rainwater leaders, refrigeration, and water pipes
  • Install specialty water filtration for concession use
  • Hoist and place 27 air handling units
  • Deliver start up and commissioning of mechanical systems

Project Highlights

As a consequence of the unusual design, Colossus Woodbridge had some unique challenges. The bar and concessions are built in a circle, which means all pipes and ductwork were bent in a circle to match the radius of the counters. All exposed pipes or ducts are installed to look like they are functional features of a spacecraft. Other project highlights include special mechanical requirements for the main IMAX theatre, as well as 27 individual rooftop units that heat and cool the theatres.