Everything we do at Kelson – even the intangibles – ultimately finds expression in the mechanical systems we construct. We bring our best to that work, from inception all the way through to completion.


What is the best way to ensure that a construction project runs smoothly and efficiently? Expert planning in advance. Kelson can help. 

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We understand design, but we also know the practical realities of installation and construction. Because we’ve done it all, we’re able to advise owners in detail about how to mitigate risk. A focus on value from the start pays dividends throughout a project – and long after.

We work collaboratively with our clients to create mechanical construction management agreements that suit their specific needs. Our services include:

  • Project Requirements Review The development or review of criteria that address all performance, quality, cost, and schedule objectives.
  • Project Site Review The investigation and evaluation of existing conditions to improve the definition of scope, identify infrastructure limitations, and highlight construction and maintenance concerns.
  • Cost Estimating The development of labour, equipment, material, subcontracting, and general conditions budgets; scope metrics for benchmarking; and detailed estimates based on current market conditions for the entire mechanical system. Cost feedback is available throughout each phase of the project.
  • Value Engineering Real-time cost evaluations and recommendations that guide design decisions to manage costs while maintaining or improving system performance.
  • Constructability Review Detailed assessment of onsite installation and maintenance concerns.
  • Schedule Development Recommendations for optimum trade sequencing and integration of all project activities to save both time and cost.
  • Building Information Modeling Use of building and systems data to facilitate collaboration, minimize waste, and create value for all members of the design, construction, and operations team.
  • Bid Evaluation Review of trade bids to ensure all technical, scope, and cost components are recognized and evaluated to mitigate risks.
  • Modular Construction Identification of opportunities for multi-trade modular construction to improve quality and performance while minimizing costs.
  • Procurement Services Provision of equipment, material, and subcontractor procurement to improve quality and system interoperability, maximize constructability, avoid scope gaps, leverage Kelson’s industry-leading purchasing power, and minimize project risks.

Lean Design + Construction

Onsite performance is Kelson’s core strength. Nobody builds mechanical systems better than we do. The pursuit of excellence and innovation is hard-wired into our culture, which explains why lean design principles have become central to our business. We systematically look for and eliminate waste and inefficiency. No excuses.

There are many direct benefits for our clients, including:

  • Process Improvement As a Design-Build-Maintain provider, we are able to leverage lean principles throughout the entire building lifecycle. We’re always alert to ways of refining our processes for greater efficiency and clarity.
  • Efficient Use of Materials We minimize waste in many ways. Selection and design of innovative mechanical systems reduces the raw materials required. Prefabrication and modular construction eliminate redundant support systems and improve project coordination. Virtual construction ensures systems are integrated and mitigates against rework and waste on the job site. State-of-the-art fabrication facilities greatly reduce scrap and waste, along with associated energy, labour, and operational costs.
  • Integrated Schedules Sophisticated scheduling technology allows us to plan, track, and communicate our progress on each project. Using lean tools we optimize the schedule and then help the entire team meet their commitments to clients.
  • Productive Workforce We invest heavily in employee training to keep pace with changes in technology and methodology. Prefabrication and modular construction increase quality, safety, and productivity, while our scheduling techniques allow us to retain talented employees across work cycles.
  • Cost Savings All the above benefits culminate in significant cost reductions, not only for Kelson but also for our project team members and ultimately the owner.

Manufactured + Modular Construction

We can build mechanical systems faster than any of our competitors. Prefabrication is the reason. Manufactured and modular solutions are at the heart of our construction approach and design strategy.

We’ve traveled the globe in search of the best and most challenging implementations because we believe that installing bigger, more complete mechanical components benefits our clients. And centralizing most of the required labour in an offsite manufacturing facility increases productivity, quality, and safety and decreases project duration.

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In our markets, no other mechanical contractor does fabrication and modularization at our scale and depth. That’s a very powerful advantage, not just for us, but for the construction teams, owners, and financers we work with.

  • Expedited Design and Build Process
  • Simultaneous Site and Building Work
  • Superior Quality Control
  • Minimal Site Disruption
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Less Material Waste
  • Reduced Energy Consumption


Kelson offers fully integrated start-up and commissioning services under several different scenarios – from predesign and design services through construction, testing, training, documentation, acceptance, turnover, warranty, and measurement and verification.

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We are the only contractor-member of the Building Commissioning Association in Canada. Our in-house professionals perform solution-oriented commissioning activities according to each client’s specific needs and timelines. We also have extensive experience working with third-party commissioning agents.

Real-time electronic documentation delivers all required information, including vital leave-behinds such as model and serial numbers, suggested maintenance dates, and spare part listings.

As building systems experts, we ensure all systems have been installed as prescribed and operate in accordance with performance guidelines described in project drawings and specifications, installation manuals, applicable codes, and national standards.