We offer a comprehensive approach to addressing energy challenges. Using a precursory energy audit we learn each client’s specific requirements, and then we develop and deliver the best solution. Projects often pay for themselves through lower utility bills, and deliver further value in the form of a reduced carbon footprint.


Every building is unique. We establish collaborative relations with owners and their representatives so we understand all the project parameters. Our team offers energy management solutions, retro-commissioning procedures, and advanced operation services to enhance the building’s efficiency and performance.

Our available resources provide the highest levels of knowledge, quality, and professionalism. Kelson Energy collaborates with the design-build, estimation, construction and service teams to formulate the best solution package for the client. We comply with building codes and standards such as ASHRAE and LEED® to serve the requirements of buildings of all types – including hospitals, office towers, educational institutions, data centres, and hotels. 

We are at the forefront of central plants and district energy optimization and are always looking to the future by staying ahead of the curve for biomass, cogeneration and geothermal systems.


Kelson collaborates with owners and facility management groups to develop sustainable, energy efficient solutions that effectively enhance facility reliability. Our solutions extend to design intents, control strategies, and operational and maintenance practices.

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  • Energy Management Solutions We establish a baseline as the first step in our ventures. Our energy audits abide by the process and guidelines described under ASHRAE and are tailored to existing commercial and institutional buildings, as well as industrial and multifamily residential facilities. We offer levels I, II, and III audits to deliver the degree of detail and complexity established with the client. An energy audit is the evaluation of a facility in at a given moment, similar to a photograph.
  • Retro-Commissioning Solutions Retro-commissioning seeks to improve the overall performance, and operation and maintenance (O&M) procedures in the facility. Kelson Energy team has an extensive commissioning experience that ensures the value of our solutions, which are customized for different facility sizes in both standard and LEED-EB® compliant procedures. A retro-commissioning procedure is the evaluation of a facility over time, similar to a video.
  • Advanced Operations Services Kelson Energy offers advanced operations services to clients who strive to improve their systems without a retro-commissioning process. The improvements include root-cause analysis and/or system reinforcements. The combined experience of the integrated team at Kelson is the key to the success of our services.

Central Plants + District Energy

Central utility plants often offer the best opportunity for energy and operational savings. Typically they house all the major mechanical equipment for a building or campus: chillers, boilers, steam systems, heat exchangers, pumps, electrical equipment, cooling towers, cogeneration systems, chilled water storage tanks, and more.

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This is where we thrive. We know when a central plant is the best option, and we know how to build it and how to identify and correct operational issues. Our BIM and prefabrication expertise ensures a cost-effective product and one point of contact.

As a vendor-neutral company we make unbiased recommendations for equipment that offers the best value, and our turnkey solutions provide the optimal mix of efficient technologies.

Kelson’s Design-Build-Maintain capabilities include:

  • Central Plant Optimization
  • Chiller Plants
  • Boiler Plants
  • Steam Systems
  • Cogeneration
  • Biomass
  • Geothermal
  • Operations


At Kelson we’re always looking to the future.

Biofuels and biomass – plants and crops, wood debris, agricultural waste, vegetable oils, and landfill/methane gas – are excellent sources of renewable energy. They can be used to power a variety of equipment, including boilers and steam and central utility plants.

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We help clients evaluate infrastructure that supports sustainability to see if it’s the right fit for their property or project. In addition to the clear ecological value (reduced consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions), there are often cost savings as well – a clear win-win.


Cogeneration systems are extremely efficient because they find ways of using the waste heat produced when electricity is generated. These systems (also called CHP systems, for Combined Heat and Power) can run on a variety of renewable sources, such as wood chips, agricultural waste, and landfill or digester gas.

Many facilities can benefit from some form of cogeneration. We can help with the assessment of available technologies, including an analysis of how quickly installation costs can be offset by energy savings.


Geothermal systems use the thermal energy stored in the ground to provide heat, hot water, and electricity. They’re cost effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

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Geothermal applications take a variety of forms. Some direct geothermal systems use deep wells to bring hot water to the surface where it can be harnessed. Ground-source heat pumps are a smaller geothermal application, in which piping systems similar to those used for irrigation are installed about two metres underground. 

Kelson has incorporated geothermal systems in a number of projects and can offer substantive recommendations about appropriate geothermal options.