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Mount Sinai Hospital Lift


The weekend of October 22nd – October 24th, 2010 was the hub of activity in Toronto’s downtown core at Mount Sinai Hospital. Geo. A. Kelson Company hoisted 3 Air Handling units, 4 Exhaust/Return Fans, 2 Coils, 2 Cooling Towers, 8 Exhaust Fans, 2 Vent Hoods, and 3 Diesel Exhaust stacks. All equipment was hoisted from the southbound lanes of University Ave. adjacent to 600 University Ave. (Mt. Sinai Hospital) to the Mechanical room, Generator room, both located on the 19th floor and to the roof of Mt. Sinai Hospital. This lift required a great deal of preplanning, co-ordination and attention to detail and was carried out without a hitch.
Thank you to everyone for making this lift a success.