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Toronto and Region Conservation Authority – New Administration Centre


A project that will set a benchmark for sustainable design in commercial building. This 8,100 square metre, four-storey office building with a mass timber structural system will meet a number of environmental standards, including the Toronto Green Standard Tier II certification, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification and the WELL Silver certification. The project is also participating in the Canadian Green Building Council’s Zero Carbon Building Pilot Program. The new building’s sustainable design features will include: Solar thermal panels on the roof, Four solar chimneys, Waterwalls to reduce energy use, Electric vehicle charging stations, Rainwater harvesting to irrigate a green roof. Complete architectural ceiling and HVAC system integration as majority of the ceilings will be radiant ceiling panels for both hydronic heating and cooling. Various heat reclaim measures such as solar to hydronic panels on the roof, heat reclaim chiller, feature water walls integrated into HVAC system for free cooling / humidification.  95% of all distributed service piping on the floors will be enclosed in the raised access flooring. New installation of 250kW natural gas generator, two 144kw boilers, one 82kw chiller, and radiant solar panels for heat reclaim.