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University of Toronto Mississauga – New Science Building


University of Toronto is building a new Science Building at the Mississauga Campus. The Building will consist of Basement (Level 0), 4 floors above ground (Level 1 to Level 4) and a mechanical penthouse (Level 5) with a total gross area of 13,769 sq. meters. This new building will be connected to the existing William Davis Building and will feature Science Labs, Animal Care Facility, Holding & Procedure Rooms, Imaging Rooms, Central Chemical/Solvent stores, Animal Cage Wash Area, instrument rooms, offices, science rooms, High Performance Computing Rooms, Telecommunication rooms, Kitchens and Washrooms. Kelson will supply and install self-contained mechanical systems to enable to operate this building. There are two mechanical rooms, Chiller and Domestic Water rooms in Basement and Mechanical penthouse on level 5. The main mechanical systems will include: Chilled/Heating water system, Steam System (2 steam boilers, each 3,347 mbh. 3 heating boilers, each 3,842 mbh, 2 water cooled chillers, each 200 tons. 1 heat recovery chiller, 100 ton Deaerator, and 3 cooling towers. 1,347 gpm), Sand Filtration, Air System, Lab Exhaust System, Domestic Cold/Hot Water System, Rainwater Harvesting System with Cistern Filtration, Storage Tank and Distribution pumps, Building Management System, and Geothermal Field Water. Two New Natural Gas Generators provided by division 16.