Stanton Territorial Hospital

Completion: October 30, 2018

Location: Yellowknife

Size: 287,000 sq. ft.


Located on the property of the existing hospital in Yellowknife, the Stanton Territorial Hospital Renewal Project is a brand new, state or the art 287,000 sq. ft. health care facility serving Yellowknife and the many surrounding communities of the North West Territories. The facility is a two story podium and three story inpatient tower cut into the Canadian Shield overlooking the picturesque Frame Lake. The facility was constructed predominately of steel with a punch window façade. The project is being delivered by the Boreal Health Partnership under the design, build finance and maintain model. Kelson partnered with BHP, which includes a Bird/Clark Joint Venture as design/build construction manager, Carillion Canada as FM provider, along with many other design and contracting professionals. 

A unique opportunity of this build project is collaborating directly with our engineering partner, Crossey Engineering Limited, to assist in the design process and lend our mechanical construction expertise to help facilitate a cost effective design and implementation. Also, as Kelson’s first project outside of Ontario, the delivery of the Stanton Territorial Hospital project will provide many unique challenges to the operations team from a logistics standpoint.

Mechanical Systems

Mechanical Highlights: The mechanical systems presented unique challenges at Stanton due to the need to design for the harsh northern conditions. Design standards such as the ‘Good Building Practices of Northern Communities’, ‘Z-8000’ and much more extreme design day conditions had systems being built differently than the Kelson norm in Ontario. The facility has separate dedicated mechanical spaces: An upper level chilled water plant and air side distribution, and a lower level heating plant and domestic water room. The 300-ton cooling load of the building is carried by an air cooled chilled glycol water plant. The 10mBH heating load is provided predominantly through Biomass boiler system, a sustainable fuel for the north. This heating plant is backed up with propane fired condensing boilers. Air is provided to the facility by 4 large supply units’ manifolded together for redundancy. Independent redundant units’ are provided to meet the requirements of Z317 and MUA units condition the outdoor air for supply to the recirculating units. General space conditioning will be performed almost entirely on the air side by AHU cooling with VAVs and re-heat coils. Minimal amounts of radiant in floor or panel heat are provided, only where special space conditions require.  Domestic is provided to the facility through two redundant and recirculating supplies for freeze protection. Pressure was boosted using triplex pumping system and zone PRVs provided where necessary. Hot water for the building is provided by a high temp distribution loop with temp maintained by a recirculation loop and point of use thermostatic mixing valves. Legionella concerns are managed using a copper silver ionization system and aggressive water concerns dealt with through the use of plastics on all domestic distribution. The entire facility is on emergency power which comes from two dual fuel generators provided by Div 16. Kelson assisted in the design and perform the install/certification/commissioning of both fuel storage and delivery systems. Propane and #2 fuel oil systems are the primary fuel sources here. Specific Health care facility mechanical systems are also in place at Stanton. A medical gas distribution system for clinical procedures, an RO water distribution system for miscellaneous medical applications and a pneumatic tube system for distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Logistics and supply chain management for such a remote and out of province project is Kelson’s greatest risk and challenge on the project. Early works, pre-construction and pre-planning activities played a large role in delivery of this successful project.