Kubota Canada Ltd. - New Head Office & Warehouse

Completion: May 02, 2022

Location: Pickering

Kubota Canada's new Canadian Headquarters in Pickering was built to serve as their Central Business Solutions location, as well as create a Central Training Facility, Warehouse Space and Inventory Storage, and will move all Canadian Operations to the new facility upon its completion in 2021 in order to accommodate projected expansion from 190 to 250 employees in 2027.

Mechanical Systems

Kubota Canada’s new building features a three story office building and training centre, comprised of a large multimedia classroom, auditorium, kitchen and servery, fitness centre, and a variety of open-concept and traditional office spaces and meeting rooms. There are six washrooms and two locker rooms to serve the office staff, as well as a locker room, washrooms and shipping and receiving waiting area for the drivers and logistics staff. The primary source of heating is through rooftop gas fired Air Handling Units; with ventilation through roof mounted fans and split AC units provide the cooling for the building. There are roof mounted air conditioning units and a VVT system that supply cooling to the offices. There are also energy recovery ventilators through the building to pre-condition outside air. In the warehouse there is infra-red heaters hanging from the ceiling. The 500,000 sqft warehouse includes a compressed air plant with a ring-main using aluminum compressed air piping, and the central mechanical plant houses two boilers, two pumps and a domestic hot water heating system.