Canadian Canoe Museum - Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Completion: May 13, 2024

Location: Peterborough

Size: 62,300 sq. ft.

The Canadian Canoe Museum is a 62,300 sq. ft building located in Peterborough, ON. The museum consists of three distinct areas: Exhibit Area, Collections Storage Area, and the General Population Areas (Lobby, Offices, Washrooms, etc.). All areas are controlled to a Class A environmental control level as defined by CCI and associated ASHRAE Standards. As such, the mechanical strategy and equipment have been selected with a focus on a high degree of environmental control and energy efficiency. Plumbing and Fire Protection systems have been developed to be standard commercial grade and design.

Mechanical Systems

Central ERV unit utilizes waste heat from kitchen and washroom exhaust to supply preheated fresh air to the RTU’s and Collection fan coil. Implementation of dynamic, air-cleaning filter units to minimize the amount of fresh air required to be supplied to the spaces, as well as address any air contaminants associated with smudging ceremonies that take place within the building. Central Boiler feeds a primary glycol heating loop with glycol-to-water heat exchangers that supply a secondary heating loop distributed to terminal units throughout the building for localized heating control. Low temperature air distribution and localized heating allow for simultaneous heating and cool of perimeter and interior spaces depending on their immediate conditions.