Kingston Intermediate Secondary School

Completion: October 26, 2020

Location: Kingston

Total Construction Value: $36,000,000

Size: 171,000

A new composite intermediate and secondary school in Kingston to consolidate secondary students from Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute (KCVI), Queen Elizabeth Collegiate & Vocational Institute (QECVI) and relocate Grade 7 and 8 intermediate French Immersion/Extended French students from Module Vanier. The school was constructed on the former Queen Elizabeth Collegiate & Vocational Institute (QECVI) property on Kirkpatrick Street.

The new school includes English programs in university, college and workplace pathways, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, and intermediate and secondary extended French and French Immersion (Module Vanier). The building will feature 34 secondary classrooms and 9 intermediate classrooms including several special and multi-purpose spaces.

Mechanical Systems

State-of-the-art ventilation with air conditioning and heat recovery systems to reduce lost energy

High levels of insulation and high performance glazing systems.
Improvement of natural daylight and reduce reliance on artificial lighting
Lighting sensors and occupancy sensors throughout
Building Automation Systems to optimize energy use
Use of low VOC paints and adhesives to improve indoor air quality

High use of local and recyclable building materials