Union Station Revitalization Project Phase 3 (Heritage)

Completion: June 21, 2016

Location: Toronto

Size: 884000 sq. ft.

Union Station is Canada’s busiest and most important passenger transportation hub and a designated National Historic Site. The station’s revitalization will result in many benefits, including an expanded GO concourse, more exits and entrances, reduced commuter congestion, and restoration and preservation of the station’s heritage elements, as well as a full mechanical system replacement. The revitalization is a multi-phased $640-million City of Toronto initiative supported by investments of $164 million by the Government of Canada and $172 million by the Government of Ontario.

Mechanical Systems

Kelson mechanical highlights:
Kelson is the Prime Mechanical contractor. Extension of Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling. Refurbishment of over 200 heritage style cast iron radiators. 2 New Basement Levels. 150 Fan Coil Units. 7 Mechanical Rooms including the entire HVAC system consisting of a centralized hot water, steam/solar for heating and cooling plants as well as 34 custom built air handling/compartment/fresh air units. 4 floors of tenant space. New storm/sanitary/drainage as well as the complete domestic water distribution to over 325 plumbing fixtures. Complete sprinkler and fire stand pipe system. Complete HVAC building automation system. Full system commissioning.