Providence Care Hospital

Completion: November 17, 2016

Location: Kingston

Size: 618000 sq. ft.

Providence Care in Kingston is a state-of-the-art new 618,000 square foot mental health facility combining the services previously provided at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Mental Health Services sites, and offering a wide variety of amenities catering to the needs of patients, physicians, staff and volunteers. This brand new hospital is divided into three blocks dedicated solely to inpatient care through 270 dedicated inpatient suites and one central Downtown core that houses a variety of services including a full dental suite, pharmacy, recreational gym, rehabilitation pool, industrial kitchen, and cafeteria. The inpatient blocks have been specifically designed to give a residential feel to patients, through limiting the use of institutional style fixtures and finishes while still being fully equipped to provide care to the wide variety of patients who will use Providence Care’s services.

The New Providence Care Hospital is located on a beautiful portion of land, directly across from the old hospital building overlooking Lake Ontario and Wolfe Island. The size of the project meant that a variety of joint-venture partnerships were created for constructors, architects and consultants and within the team, a variety of sub-contractors were employed to complete the new building.

Providence Care Hospital also utilizes advance Building Automation Systems and a variety of Integrated Communication Technology for systems such as nurse call, patient wandering, security alerts and patient entertainment. 

Mechanical Systems

The New Providence Care Hospital is a 3 story structure with the three inpatient wings interconnected by a central administrative and patient services building. The whole project is connected mechanically through a penthouse mechanical room and a Central Utility Plant.

The hospital features a variety of systems including; potable water servicing 2100 plumbing fixtures, a hydronic water system providing heating through the hospital, a chilled water system to provide air conditioning and to cool electrical and IT rooms, medical gas system for medical vacuum and medical oxygen, a glycol heating system for exterior snow melting, a fuel oil system for the boilers and generators in the case of a utility service interruption, a natural gas system for the industrial kitchen, heating boilers and domestic boilers, and a steam system for humidity control across the occupied spaces of the hospital.

The project targets LEED silver design and utilizes energy saving techniques in order to achieve the required energy reduction in comparison with national and ASHRAE energy targets. These include the installation of a heat recovery chiller that recovers waste heat and injects it into the heating loop to reduce the utilization of gas fired boilers. A domestic water preheat utilizing low grade heat also offsets the natural gas use of the building. Reduction in electrical energy is achieved by focusing on fan horsepower in air handling units. The Air Handling units were specifically designed to reduce internal loses while still meeting engineering best practices as outline in CSA standards.