In November 2008, construction began on Sanofi’s B95, a new $100-million research and development facility in Toronto. Completed in 2010, the 165,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility houses specialized equipment for vaccine research and development. The structure consists of two wings – three levels of offices and conference rooms on the west side; three levels of research laboratories on the east. There is mechanical infrastructure in a fourth-floor mechanical room above the labs and in the basement level below the offices.

Mechanical Systems

Kelson installed a variety of mechanical services:

  • Steam services, generated in the central plant, provide the energy to produce domestic hot water, non-potable domestic hot water, hot water heating, glycol heating, radiant floor heating, snow melting services, and humidification.
  • Lab gases include compressed air, carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen, and vacuum.
  • A separate tempered water life-safety piping system serves emergency showers and eyewash stations throughout the lab area.
  • A diesel fuel storage and delivery system feeds the emergency generator in the penthouse.
  • Three chillers provide chilled water to serve air handling units and various fan coils.
  • Ten 100% fresh air custom air handling units provide conditioned air to dedicated parts of the building.
  • HEPA filters protect sensitive lab areas.

Project Highlights

Extensive coordination and cooperation among all trades involved with the project helped us deliver an accelerated schedule – a remarkable achievement considering over a million dollars of mechanical scope was added along the way.