New Toronto Courthouse

Completion: February 06, 2023

Location: Toronto

Size: 750,000

The New Toronto Courthouse is a 750,000 square foot high rise complex located in the heart of Downtown Toronto.   The design and construction of this facility is through the P3 Design Build process supported by Infrastructure Ontario. The building consists of a 17 Story office tower that contains Judicial Courtrooms, supporting prisoner containment areas, office spaces, and parking amenities. 

Mechanical Systems

The mechanical systems designed for the New Toronto Courthouse were carefully developed to meet the overall objectives for the project of reliability, sustainability, compatibility with overall architectural expression, flexibility, ease of maintenance, ease of expansion, and quiet operation. The mechanical scope of the project includes the plumbing, HVAC, cooling, and heating for the complex.  The courtrooms and office spaces are served from a Dedicated Outside Air Supply Unit serving on-floor compartment units. The supports systems for this building have strict requirements in terms of both noise management and comfort control, provided through systems that are integrated into the architectural design.  Separate HVAC systems have been provided to support the prisoner holding areas; that come complete with ligature resistant plumbing fixtures and solenoid valves to turn off water supply in case of emergencies.   The mechanical systems within the building will include the following unique design features: Air-cooled chillers combined with thermal (ice) storage tanks. The use of air cooled chillers eliminates the use of water for evaporative cooling (i.e., cooling towers). The incorporation of thermal storage shifts part of the operation of the chillers to the night time, where the cooler night air increases the chillers’ efficiency. The use of ice also enables a lower chilled water supply temperature, which permits lower temperature conditioned air, which in turn reduces fan power, as well as the size of the duct distribution system. High induction ceiling diffusers. This has several benefits, including increased comfort (by avoiding cold drafts), and increased ventilation effectiveness (which reduces the amount of ventilation air required). High efficiency condensing gas boilers and low hot water temperatures. Variable primary pumping systems for the chiller plant and boiler plant, which results in less pumps and lower energy requirements.