St. Anne’s School Conversion Project

Completion: September 01, 2023

Location: Aurora

Size: 50,000 sq. ft.

An existing large residence which was converted into a private school. Heating and cooling was accomplished by utilizing an upgraded geothermal system, air-cooled chiller, heat recovery chiller and two boilers. Through a network of piping, energy is transferred to over 10 heat pumps throughout the facility that provide local heating and cooling for adjacent spaces. This major renovation includes the retrofitting of several mechanical rooms, adapting the small spaces originally intended for residential use to be capable of housing equipment suitable for classroom level occupancy. Careful attention is taken throughout the installation to preserve existing architectural features and work around services/structure that must remain in place. Kelson worked closely with the owners and consultant to develop innovative low impact solutions for this type of installation.

Mechanical Systems

Kelson mechanical highlights: Multiple pipe systems, AHU coils, Geothermal, Heating Loop, Chilled Glycol Loop. Existing building conversion from residential to commercial.