Thermea Spa Village Whitby (formally called Nordik Spa)

Completion: October 03, 2022

Location: Whitby

Size: 50,000 sq. ft.

New Thermea Spa Village in Whitby Ontario, featuring a large central main building with several smaller outbuildings, including steam saunas and mud baths. The client experience area also includes hot tubs and cold plunges for an immersive experience. The spa is equipped with 700 lockers with a future expansion to allow for up to 1000 total on site. Other features include a saltwater flotation pool, two restaurants, and numerous massage rooms.

Mechanical Systems

Kelson mechanical highlights: Mechanically there are many diverse requirements for this project. Kelson engineered the use of a heat recovery chiller for simultaneous heating and cooling required year-round for the cold plunges, hot tubs, dehumidification unit, snow melt, and domestic water. This project was delivered using an Integrated Project Delivery where we worked closely with the client and project team to ensure their needs are met for a final facility and schedule and budget are prioritized. Innovations include using AHSRAE air classification to re-use fresh air for dehumidification, the use of a heat recovery wheel, pre-heating of domestic hot water with waste heat, and the ventilation system serving sauna areas.