Honda Canada Head Office Campus

Completion: January 31, 2010

Location: Markham

Total Construction Value: $100,000,000

Size: 448586 sq. ft.

The Honda Canada Campus building had its construction commence in January 2008 and reached substantial completion in February 2010. The campus has three buildings, including a four-storey 138,000-sq.-ft. environmentally friendly head office, a technical centre for research and development, engineering and training and a one-storey parts distribution centre. The training center also serves as the training location for all Honda certified mechanics seeking training within Ontario. Energy-saving features such as north-south building orientation and a heat-reflective white roof, Honda Canada’s head office uses 33 per cent less energy than that of a traditional office building of the same size. Through innovative site water management, potable water consumption in the facility has been reduced by 44 per cent compared to the LEED® baseline and rainwater is collected and stored for use in the campus’ irrigation system.  Additional green building features of the campus include an energy-efficient underfloor air distribution system and a parking lot outfitted with bio-filters that filter rainwater before it is released into the public sewer system. 

Mechanical Systems

Complete underfloor HVAC system used in the office building. Central Utilities Plant utilizes cooling towers and chillers, boiler systems to serve three buildings heating and cooling needs. Rainwater collection system including pumps and filters to serve irrigation on property. To reduce automotive contamination from cars in parking lot, bio-filters used to treat storm water. Use of strategies to reduce water consumption such as low-flow fixtures. Large air distribution to serve warehouse space. Full kitchen exhaust system implemented.

Project Highlights

September 27, 2011 – Honda Canada announced that it has received LEED® Canada -Gold green-building certification from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).