Ryerson Academic & Residence Building - Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex

Completion: August 23, 2019

Location: Toronto

Total Construction Value: $56,000,000

Size: 166,000 sq.ft.

The new Academic & Residence Building - Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex for Ryerson University is a high profile type. Consist of 27 Floors above grade and 4 floors below grade. Floors 1-8 are for Academic, Floors 10-27 are for Residence. 3 main mechanical rooms, one on lower level 2, one on 9th floor and one on 28th floor. This building included the Assembly A2 occupancy space.Underground parking garage, P1 to P4, with general ventilation with CO2 sensors and stair pressurization system. The parking garage include main district heating room fed from Enwave with heating water that feed the academic building and the residential tower.The parking garage includes also a cistern to re-use the storm water as a grey water and  main domestic water booster pumps. P4 includes Fuel Oil tank and pumps to feed the emergency generator in the building. Kelson suupplied and install the following: New chilled water system with chillers, cooling towers, Air handling units, heat exchangers, pumps and Fan coil units. New Heating systems ENWAVE. New Domestic Water, Drainage and storm systems with Cistern system. New Fuel Oil System. New Compressed Air System. New Air Distribution System with Fan Coil Units, Exhaust Fans and Smoke Fans. The Project is GOLD LEED, and the source of heating is Enwave.

Mechanical Systems

Mechanical Highlights: Process Piping: The Ryerson project; the grey water is utilized by collecting the storm water and the drain from shower and lavatories in the residence, re-filter it and re-utilize it in the irrigation, water for WC’s in the academic building and residence tower.